This is why I love Paris

So this is why I love Paris...Collapse )

Depravity weekend

Gosh what a weekend. This weekend had been declared as too busy to have the babe around so we dropped het off at the in-laws.

It all went so wrong ^^ depravity, decadence, sex, food and rock 'n rooooooll!!

I feel so young and so old at the same time.

First, I went on a speed-visit to my parents. I didn't even stay 24 hours, it was crazy. But I got to see that my father was doing really well. They are now organising the dividing of the goods. My dad went to his late father's house to take part in the enventory of all goods. There were only the brothers and the sisters, which is an event that had never occured before. To me, this is the equivalent of a G/20 top.
Too bad they didn't take a picture.
Anyway, they wrote down every single spoon, sheet, skane,...
This is interesting to follow, I wish I could've been there.

Anyhew, when I was in Belgium, my parents talked a lot of the past and of all good things that have come since. We had a big talk about the evolution of feminism, initiated by my FATHER, not even by me! And I discovered that my mother was quite the leading feminist fighter in her time, being the first to wear pants in her village, defying catholic priests, taking the pill,.. MY MOTHER TOOK THE PILL!! that is just shocking to me ^^

Ok, got to move on.

On Friday evening, after having emptied all shops in my home town, I went back to see my man, spend some lovey time with him and to go to a lucha libre bar. I loooved it! The Mexican food was soooooo good and plentiful.
It was murderous on my stomach though, my mom's home cooking with cream and red meat plus this rich greasy spicy Mexican food but hey, it was worth it!

Thanks to my magic drops, I had a blisful night.

On Saturday I was supposed to go to my brestfeeding training but I just didn't go. My stomach preferred to start Valentines early and have an amorous relationship with my toilet bowl. It only lasted a morning but still...
Mah hub was out all day taking pictures for the preparation of some friends wedding to come so I didn't feel too guilty about skipping boob school. I had a big tidy party in the babe's room and did a pile of ironing. I could've rested, I know, but I did just buy myself a lot of peace of mind. Yay for that!

The evening was even fuller with a dinner with my boss & colleagues at an appartment of one of my bosses, you know, one of these disgustingly expensive Paris appartments in a decadently expensive neighbourhood... And I couldn't even hate my boss cuz he's so bloody NICE!!
So more food, Chinese, Singapore, French (OMG the Brie & honey pie, WTF?!) and more alcohol. Of course there was more alcohol, wine, champagne, cocktails,... Good times ^^

And then, off to the 90's party. It was a BLAST!!
We were, of course, too old to stay until even one of the singers got on stage (party starting at 11, at 2AM there still was no sign of Haddaway or Dr Alban. I'm too old for this shit). But whatever. After more than three years with mah man, I finally went out DANCING with him!!! How great is that?! And we had good music, nice people telling me I didn't look a day over 25 (bless you, sleeping challenge, argile masks and hydration creams...) and loads od Nirvana, Offspring, I am, chubawambas, plastic bertrand, therapy, and a whole bunch of music I forgot the name of because it was last century ^^
This nostalgic party was funny because I thought it would've been full of people our age but it was just packed with people 10 years younger than we were. It was like they relished the fact that they finally could go out to the music they were listening to when they were only 10.

So more magic sleeping drops and a blisful sleep of eight hours later we started our fabulous lazy Sunday of movies and strolling in the Paris sun. Oh my gosh the strolling, the sun, the gloves-hand-holding... Gotta love it when you live in Paris, right? We got to see professional bubble blowers and dragons to celebrate the Chinese New Year. And we got to see a fabulous Robert Downey Jr. with Jude Law as Sherlock. And it is now for sure that I am the only living being who actually enjoyed this movie (enough to go see it twice ^^") but I don't care, love looove it.

And then, of course, we wrapped things up with bad quality (tastewise) sushi and then went home. Just in time to start a feminist discussion about Elisabeth Badinter's new book and have more more more hugs and cuddles and way more ^^

So today, back to scho with a huge mailing to do and an appointment at the bank.

What a fab weekend odd fun ^^

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Today is the day I saw a Storm Trooper, Flash Gordon and Marilyn Monroe in deep discussion with my math teacher on my hometown market.

Today is the day that I went to my first lucha libre match in Paris.

Today is a day I like ^^

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Books and knitting

I've been so busy with being the winter homey... It's bliss really ^^

First there's the knitting. We have a small group of knitters at work, led by my dear friend James, who started two years ago by learning from his mom and is now the knitting guru with his little flock of faithful followers (me included). We knit at noon while listening to the BBC or something else very grannylike.

Then there's the Reading. I've received my massive Amazon order. I just finished the book about doctors in the Flemish countywide in the 50's and I finished, ten minutes ago, that fabulous bestseller that is "Eat Pray Love". I tell you, sisters, sometimes a book is a bestseller because it's a damn good book. This is the book all should be reading right now.


Tomorrow I go to see my parents. Officially it's to go bring them some stuff I still have of them but the real reason is because I'm worried about my dad. So I'll go up there to hug and cuddle them and to sneak out in the morning for shopping at the local Market so I can cook them some lazy meal.
I am supposed to see my sister too so my knitting pace has been picked up. The hood I'm knitting now is for her. The knit-stress is high since I only have this noon left to finish her fab hood. Tonight I'm going to my Ostheopate to finish kicking my backpain's ass and I'm not allowed to knit for two whole days from then on. So last night was a late knit-night.

But you know what? Getting up early for the market? Staying up late for the knit? Pfff, no problem!! Now that I finished the sleep challenge I'm so perfectly fine with my sleep that I can handle this and still feel fabulous. Life is so much better now that my sleep is on the level. I'm so impressed at how easy life is now, I can't explain it but sleep is really the key to all things healthy. I mean I now am on time for work every single day instead of falling asleep in the couch in the morning and I now RUN up stairs without even being out of breath ^^

Oh and thanks to the good sleep, I've been eating and cooking so well. It must've been three weeks I haven't had any red meat. But yesterday, a colleague took me out for lunch and the only remotely Ppealing dish was with red meat. So after three weeks of White meat and fish, I endulged and boy oh boy did I regret it!!! I think I'm about to stop red meat altogether. Yuch!! I still feel like something is burning a whole in my stomach.
Plus production of red meat has one of the worst ecological imprints possible so OUT with it!

And of cours there was Miss Chachas visit last week. Goodness did that feel good! Miss Chacha has been one of my most fervent and loyal friends for seven years now. She is tha bomb! She is kind, joyful, frilly, futilishly creative, compasionate, funny, full of all of life's fullness. I love her to bits. So we had one of these fabulous afternoons of shopping, walking arms interlocked, picture taking, build-a-bearing, gossiping, eating "Gu Naughties" and giggling. I fel like a teenager again, only older.
I had dressed up, wore make up and fab earrings, dolled up to the nines. My colleague even asked me if I was meeting a friend or if I had a date. It was great great great ^^

So that was today's light chitter chatter; books, wool, sleep and meat ^^

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Today is Chacha day! I got half a day off to go roaming Paris with mah girl. I feel like sixteen again, only older ^^

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I haven't even written down my 2010 requests/resolutions!

This year,
- I travel to a new country
- I travel to a new continent
- I laugh laugh laugh with friends and family
- I cherish and validate my old friendships
- I turn away to avoid toxic people
- I am healthy and balanced in my lifestyle, my relationships and my body, in doing so, I set a good example for my child
- I increase my income and create my comfortable cocoon
- I dive into fun and healthy food
- I teach my child to dance her first dance, I watch her dance "like mommy" at folk balls
- I watch my child in pride and awe, I see her turn into a wonderful girl
- I cry on the first day my baby goes to school
- I see my shadow being cast on my naked feet in the grass
- I swim in a new sea, I step on new soil
- I take care of my hub who takes care of me. As a twosome we fortify our family
- I see my man find stability and fulfillment, I proudly hold his hand when this happens
- I pass to the next level at work and amaze all with my accomplishments
- I am found by friends long gone and get involved in mutual forgiveness
- I engage my journey as a guide to women. I help women turn the table and empower themselves in topics dear to them
- Spirituality finds me as I find it. Guidance comes to me.
- I sing
- I dance
- I love


Four weeks into the sleep challenge.
Last week.

It's a full win!

My sleep is raising up to a fabulous 7 hours. And I'm sure I can move it up to 7.5 or even 8 hours if I put my head to it.
My bedroom is now practically decluttered, I take magnesium (the miracle powder ^^), I discovered a whole world of enjoyable activities to replace television like cooking, clay and iris masks, knitting, eating, talking, reading,...

All win.

And now, the hub wants a new challeng: the February Sex Challenge! **giggle** I might need more sleep quite soon again I think ^^

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Tough tiny choice

My parents are going to my gramps' house tomorrow to empty it. They've asked me if there was something I wanted. A token that I wanted them to put aside for me.

I was awake all night. I want t so much and so little. I want nothing more than the memories to come back alive just for once. My childhood with my family back for one time. Nothing will bring back the scent of my granny's cooking. Nothing will bring back thee feeling of my feet disappearing in their old carpet. Nothing will bring back the roses my neice and I used to make rosewater. Or the pile of gifts to be distributed on Christmas. Or the scare I got when sleeping in that dark room. Or the bunnies, the pingpong, the pirates and leprechaun, the river, the walks, the fields of mustard and sunflowers, the deers,...

So what single object could bring all this back... Huh?

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The wave is back

I was thinking how I wanted a new micro wave and the old one died by the hands of the babe.
I was sighing how, I too, wanted to catch a lucky break some time and I got an upgrade for my rental car, driving a fab Fiat 500.
I wanted green plants in my office and my colleague just dropped us some.
I wanted to sleep better and discovered that my hub had forgotten about a whole stash of magnesium tablets in some cupboard.

I love it when the wave is there ^^

I spent one of the most perfect evenings with the babe yesterday. The key is, once again, the fast food rule and letting go. Everything that needed to be done, I asked her to do herself instead of forcing it to her. The result was that she tried for 30 seconds and then turned to me stating "and now mommy's turn". After which I could heave her out of her dress, into her jammie, taking her medicine,...

Instead of the usual five minute reasoning, bargaining, struggling, I lost little to no time and we had a lot of fun. Plus I could do this because I'm not shattered any longer. At least not all day.

I had a couple of tired days, after the salon and the funeral and stuff and I felt like crap. Although it also did feel comfortable. Feeling like crap is the feeling I've always been used to, you know? But even if if feels kinda familiar, I'd rather trade it for feeling good, and happy and energetic.

A study has proven that an increase of wealth (moneywise) makes people somewhat happier for a short amount of time as opposed to an increase of one hour sleep a day, which makes people happier for the entire duration of this sleep increase.

The key is sleep!!!

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Busy Busy BUSYY!!!
Goodness, times are full, especially when you want to sleep enough.

I spent a weekend at the Lingerie Fair in Paris, helping out a couple of UK friends with their non-existent French. So I was "the French Lady" at their stand and boy oh boy was it good to be around lingerie again!!
The SIL (Salon International de la Lingerie) is the biggest Lingerie fair around so it's a big deal. It's packed with dealers, producers, models, shopholders, lace lace lace lace and lace. My job was to sell my friends brand to the French shopholders. The thing is that her brand is fab. It's a big busty ladies brand going up to UK cup J, which is European cup M, which is also known as the umbrella-size.
And, as opposed to more common brands like Ulla or whatever, this brand is really stylish. It's cute, it's sexy, it's nice.

So after a horrendous commute on Saturday morning (yawn), standing packed between a hurdle of skinny bitches (aka lingerie models), I arrived at the stand and instantly fell in love with Natasa, our model. She is HUGE!! She's a BOMB!! She's a 36FF (uk size) or a 95H (French size) and she is one of the most beautiful women I have ever seen.
She's a radiant goddess of femaleness. And the fact that she was having fun and smiling all the time just made her even more perfect than she already was. All the other models looked like they hadn't eaten in a month and our Natasa just stuffed herself with glorious French pastries, loving every minute of it.
Oh, and her boobs were MASSIVE!
When we went for a stroll in the salon, people came up to us to have a chat about how beautiful the lingerie was that Natasa was wearing and to congratulate her on how pleasant it was to see a model that actually looks like a human being ^^

How cool is that?

So I had a very tiring but fun fun weekend, with my friends I rarely see, making friends with my new gal Natasa, surrounded once again by lace and embroidery, chatting away,... it was the best!

On the sadder part, my 100 year old grandfather passed away last week.
I'm not too sad about it, considering his age, considering that he was in hospital for the last two months and considering that he was a bit of a drag to my parents but still, I feel melancholic about it. He's my last grandfather leaving me. He might've been a bit of a bastard, especially towards my grandmother (actually, a BIG bastard) but he is still someone I dearly loved and he was one of the icons of my childhood.
So melancholy and also worry for my dad. My dad has had the worst year between beating cancer, losing his father and marrying one of his daughters (which is indeed joyous but also stressful and tiring for a cancerpatient, right?). So now I just am very worried about him and wish I could do something to help him out.

But I can't...

So the funeral was two days ago and it was good and bad.
It was bad because this was the last time our big big family will be meeting up in this quantity. Even weddings will not bring all of us together any longer. And what happens after the weddings cool down? Once everyone will be settled in and cocooning and creating a life and family of his/her own?
Hence the sad goodby of one of the institutions of my life. With gratittude for having been able to hold on to this for so long.

And it was good because everyone was there one final time. A very sudden get-together with my family, very briefly, very warmly...

To finish on a material-girl note, I rented a car to go to the funeral and I was blessed with a gorgeous Fiat 500. People in the streets came to see me when I parked to have a look at the cutey ^^
But also; I remember why it is such a pain to have a car in Paris, even though, it is heavenly bliss to drive towards a sunsetted Eiffel tower in a gorgeous car. Even if it is sheer joy to race through the empty Paris streets on an early Monday morning, stopping at a random traffic light, stretching like a cat, looking up and finding yourself looking at the foot of the Tour Montparnasse from your ceiling window... Tour Montparnasse pointing to a gold-coloured morning sky...

Life is good ^^


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