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Four days of bedrest with nothing else to do but... Knit.
Another sinusitis, it's only been the forth since the babe is born. My doctor was away on leave so there was no luxury of accupuncture. I had to go with one of them mobile emergency doctors from SOS Medecins. It's a special unit of doctors who are always on call. You never know what doctor you're going to have next and none of the doctors actually keep a record on you.
It's a good system for when your kid is sick a 3 in the morning but they do love their chemicals!

This time, for this sinusitis, the doctor gave me a cortisone nasal spray, cortisone pills and antibiotics plus ibuprofen.
I'm not used to this amount of drugs! I did heal quicker than with the accupuncture but it made my body restless. I barely slept. Plus it just felt very agressive in comparison with the accu.


What wonderful era I live in where I can freely choose the therapy I wish to receive and where I can freely bitch about the pros and cons of every therapy I'm working with ^^"

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So sorry. Hope you're feeling better soon!

Hope you've conquered your sinusitis!!

I've had some problems with sinuses recently, mostly it's after I drink MILK!! (Have you found any connection too?)
Also, I have some old glasses that actually seem to press on my nose too much! (Apparently I have a strange nose, couldn't find better glasses yet!:)
(Still hoping to get rid of glasses naturally maybe??)

Gotta hate the chemicals, sigh!! Hope you've found better treatment!!

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