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Trying to get my head to rest again. Cooking helps, knitting too. And I enroled in a new Bollywood dance course. I'm going for this new level of difficulty. I hope my techer knows what she is doing now, she was a bit lost before.

I'm trying to fund rest again, not that easy as usual. The key is discipline I guess; discipline in letting go.
I must have taken a wrong turn somewhere, ending up in a deskjob and with a husband who is a bit of a scaredy cat. I thought that, by now I would've been this adventurous woman with a kid strapped to her back, a baby strapped to my boob, in between jobs of building orphanages and banning fgm, driving a shabby green car in India, my man being on yet another war assignment for CNN.

Is it time to abandon this fantasy of mine? Have I indeed let myself go I to the "nevvvveeerrr" yo be treaded on path of middle class western society and will I stay here till...

Is it time?

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Want to go to Burning Man with me this year?
I totally relate to what you've written. I can't even post the last few days I've been so overcome with a sort of sickness over the boredom my life seems to be becoming. I'm hoping it's just a mistaken perspective and not actually a reality.
If you make it to India, just hire yourself a driver. It's so inexpensive by our standards, it will feed that driver's entire family, and it's much, much safer.

I think it's a mistaken perspective. We're still barely 30, right. Unlike what they tell us, life does not stop at 30, it barely starts.

Hell at 20 I had not enough money to buy myself a movie ticket, let alone a move to Paris and cloth diapers :D

Sweet friend, try to give that kid away to your family. Try to take a road trip on your own for five days, getting everything OUT OF YOUR HEAD and getting yourself BACK IN YOUR BODY AND SOUL! That's the key.

Oh, and I love you ^^

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