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Effing bus drivers!

Another grand weekend ^^.

Saturday I went shopping with the babe, her shoes were Oliver Twisting on me... Big holes and stuff. And it was great. We bought shoes and her first hairpins. She FINALLY accepted to wear hairpins. Only for half an hour but still. And we went on the merry-go-round, on the subway and on the bike (all hail to fixed bikes!!).

Sunday was the Chinese New Year Parade. We had talked to the babe for about a week that we were going to go see the Dragon. She has a dragon book she adores so she slep with that book with her all week long.
And of course it was fabulous! There were about five dragons to see, all of them radiant and shiny. And the two main dragons were sooo long we LOVED it! The cool thing is that the carriers handled the dragons right over our heads an the babe actually touched the dragon with me. She was shrieking and laughing, I was crying because of the beauty of it.

Touching a dragon with a witchlet on a sunny Paris Sunday? DEFINITELY a sign of good fortune!!

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very good sign of fortune!!!


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