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Babe piccies

Her first Mc Donald. Don't look at my "haven't slept in ages"-face. It's before the sleep challenge!

Eating again! She has two people blowing her food for her, just two slaves basically ^^

"Look Daddy! The Moon!"

And there's my babes under her fab umbrella at night... Gotta love it ^^

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perfection all around and in each shot!


It's partly thanks to having a real life fairy godmother!

I love, love, love her umbrella and hat! You are so beautiful!

TELL ME ABOUT IT!! They are so funny ^^
You can say a lot of things about me, but not "beautiful" in that first picture, no way.


La coccinelle est l'animal de la famille. Ca protège contre les sorcières.

Sinon, j'ai demandé s'ils font ces parapluies en taille adulte mais que nénie :(
Je peux te le prendre en taille minus si tu veux?

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