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The sleep challenge was the best. Really. It was!
But now I have to start all over again. I was sick las weekend and got prescribed corticoids. Thus, I didn't sleep for three whole days. And now the babe is sick so I'm still not sleeping U.U

So we're doing the sleep deprivation dance again.

Today I...
- showed the bus driver a kaleidoscope instead of my bus pass
- washed my privates with cough sirup
- put my knitting in the fridge and my lunch in my handbag
- took the subway in the wrong direction
- wished the croissant vendor a good night (at 6:45 in the morning)

Anyway. On to the funner notes.

The babe is learning how to read! The kid is two but recognizes four letters allready: the F, the E, the M and the I!!

I sleep with my "This is what a feminist looks like" t-shirt at night (laundry is takin longer than expected, don't judge me). And in the morning, after the babe has had some milk, she sits on my lap and looks at my t-shirt, pointing out letters, asking "what's this? What's this?". And, of course, I tell her when she asks. And now, after three days, she recognizes the first four letters of the biggest word on my shirt: "FEMINIST".

I love my life ^^

And on the last good news, for the French: I have a new blog! It's all about my hobbies, being Bollywood, bento, knitting, breastfeeding training,...
Pics are up of different things. I just started but hey, it's quite neat ^^


I tell you, one day I'll be discovered, and a famous publisher will publish me and when they'll make the movie, I'll be played by Rachel McAdams and the hub will be played by Robert Downey Jr. and you will all weep.


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Four days of bedrest with nothing else to do but... Knit.
Another sinusitis, it's only been the forth since the babe is born. My doctor was away on leave so there was no luxury of accupuncture. I had to go with one of them mobile emergency doctors from SOS Medecins. It's a special unit of doctors who are always on call. You never know what doctor you're going to have next and none of the doctors actually keep a record on you.
It's a good system for when your kid is sick a 3 in the morning but they do love their chemicals!

This time, for this sinusitis, the doctor gave me a cortisone nasal spray, cortisone pills and antibiotics plus ibuprofen.
I'm not used to this amount of drugs! I did heal quicker than with the accupuncture but it made my body restless. I barely slept. Plus it just felt very agressive in comparison with the accu.


What wonderful era I live in where I can freely choose the therapy I wish to receive and where I can freely bitch about the pros and cons of every therapy I'm working with ^^"

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Naked man washing pussy ^^
Yeah, my man is one of these brave (read: CRAZY) guys who think it's a good idea to wash a cat while in the shower.
Our female kitty cat, the one we collected from the streets, was so young when we took her in that she does not know how to was herself. So every month we need to give her a bath or she ends up with tiny dreadlocks, leaving cat hair all over our house, clothes, shoes, food, baby,...

And mah hub thinks the best way to do that is to lock himself up with her in the shower booth . Here's the result:

And here's the babe's latest trick: being a pig! (or a vacuum cleaner)
Way to go to eat raisins ^^

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Trying to get my head to rest again. Cooking helps, knitting too. And I enroled in a new Bollywood dance course. I'm going for this new level of difficulty. I hope my techer knows what she is doing now, she was a bit lost before.

I'm trying to fund rest again, not that easy as usual. The key is discipline I guess; discipline in letting go.
I must have taken a wrong turn somewhere, ending up in a deskjob and with a husband who is a bit of a scaredy cat. I thought that, by now I would've been this adventurous woman with a kid strapped to her back, a baby strapped to my boob, in between jobs of building orphanages and banning fgm, driving a shabby green car in India, my man being on yet another war assignment for CNN.

Is it time to abandon this fantasy of mine? Have I indeed let myself go I to the "nevvvveeerrr" yo be treaded on path of middle class western society and will I stay here till...

Is it time?

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Knit Knit Knit
I try to replace one addiction by another; I'm replacing nail-biting by knitting. And I'm awesome at it :p
I am now the knit-, bento- and bollywood babe, heheh.

Yesterday I was sitting in the subway and I took my knitting out since it was such an empty subway. And at the next stop, the doors open and this girl comes in, says "Bonjour", sits down next to me and starts knitting: "so what are YOU knitting?". How cool is that. We started chatting, she gave me her blog address and when I went to have a look... Jeesh, she's like the knitting goddess! She even wrote a book about knitting socks and all. And she organises a knitting-café with all Paris knitters once a month. They take over a pub to knit for an entire evening. They are about 50 (!!).

And of course, when I'm knitting on my own, I'm listening to my Bolly-music. So because of the backpain I can't dance for now, and because of the money I try to put aside, I prefer not to buy too many movies but it is still there. Massively in love with Bollywood.
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Hanyaaan ^^

Effing bus drivers!

Another grand weekend ^^.

Saturday I went shopping with the babe, her shoes were Oliver Twisting on me... Big holes and stuff. And it was great. We bought shoes and her first hairpins. She FINALLY accepted to wear hairpins. Only for half an hour but still. And we went on the merry-go-round, on the subway and on the bike (all hail to fixed bikes!!).

Sunday was the Chinese New Year Parade. We had talked to the babe for about a week that we were going to go see the Dragon. She has a dragon book she adores so she slep with that book with her all week long.
And of course it was fabulous! There were about five dragons to see, all of them radiant and shiny. And the two main dragons were sooo long we LOVED it! The cool thing is that the carriers handled the dragons right over our heads an the babe actually touched the dragon with me. She was shrieking and laughing, I was crying because of the beauty of it.

Touching a dragon with a witchlet on a sunny Paris Sunday? DEFINITELY a sign of good fortune!!

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Feminist my ass

One of these big arguments again. The big inequality of chores in our couple. My hub helps out. He really does. But it still is what it is; helping out. I'm the brain, I think abou what needs to be done, when and how frequently.

The hub didn't buy it. He said that he did at least 75% of all chores. So we started to write them down. Well, HE started. And once he was done, I wrote down all those that he'd forgotten or that he doesn't even think about.

So me, being on commute or at work for 55 hours a week, perform about 22 tasks. He, having no commute and being unemployed, performs 13.

As soon as this list was written down, some things happened:
- we stopped arguing, hell, we fell mute alltogether
- tears started to roll from my eyes
- my backpain was back
- I lost my voice

I'm a feminist joke.

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Babe piccies
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Chacha in Paris ^^

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