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The sleep challenge was the best. Really. It was!
But now I have to start all over again. I was sick las weekend and got prescribed corticoids. Thus, I didn't sleep for three whole days. And now the babe is sick so I'm still not sleeping U.U

So we're doing the sleep deprivation dance again.

Today I...
- showed the bus driver a kaleidoscope instead of my bus pass
- washed my privates with cough sirup
- put my knitting in the fridge and my lunch in my handbag
- took the subway in the wrong direction
- wished the croissant vendor a good night (at 6:45 in the morning)

Anyway. On to the funner notes.

The babe is learning how to read! The kid is two but recognizes four letters allready: the F, the E, the M and the I!!

I sleep with my "This is what a feminist looks like" t-shirt at night (laundry is takin longer than expected, don't judge me). And in the morning, after the babe has had some milk, she sits on my lap and looks at my t-shirt, pointing out letters, asking "what's this? What's this?". And, of course, I tell her when she asks. And now, after three days, she recognizes the first four letters of the biggest word on my shirt: "FEMINIST".

I love my life ^^

And on the last good news, for the French: I have a new blog! It's all about my hobbies, being Bollywood, bento, knitting, breastfeeding training,...
Pics are up of different things. I just started but hey, it's quite neat ^^

I tell you, one day I'll be discovered, and a famous publisher will publish me and when they'll make the movie, I'll be played by Rachel McAdams and the hub will be played by Robert Downey Jr. and you will all weep.


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hope you get some sleep soon!

teaching ABC's is so fun!!


LOL!!! You are fabulous!!

(And your FEMINIST babe too!! :))

Sleep deprivation sucks, had some last week, hope it gets better for you soon too!!!


Wishing you lots of awesome adventures and general fabulousness!!!

Can't wait to see a movie about you or see your bestsellers!!
(Maybe you'll be young enough to play your fabulous self?? ! :))


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